wtorek, 15 czerwca 2010

New and newest stuff

My Love, My Vengeance
I thought of story behind this picture, a story about a father seeking vengeance for his daughter death.

Andromeda's Corruption
All the bravest heroes have been sent to deliver the Andromeda’s Statue from the blight. None of the returned. Legends say that it is being guarded by two giant snakes who are never repleted.

General Atilla
Well actually partially finished stuff but may be worth to upload.

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  1. The man at the top reminds me of Blade Runner. I think you would love Blade Runner if you haven't already gotten into it. He seems primed and ready to take a shot at Roy Batty, though he's unsure why Roy has allowed him to live before. He is both enraged, while frustrated with the question of what to do.