sobota, 22 stycznia 2011

Mass Effect - Shepard

Personal art of Mass Effect.
The second picture featuring Shepard

The very goal behind this was to depict Shepard as a leader. To capture him in a moment of decision (so important for ME games) or inside struggle with the consequences of his actions. The empty gaze and dark gloomy room are to emphasize the emotional aspect of it. The blood and wounds are to show that he has been through battles and skirmishes (2nd important thing in ME games). All in all, the whole piece is less effective in terms of action, but leaves the viewer with something to ponder on.

niedziela, 16 stycznia 2011

Mass Effect - Miranda

The reason wihich led me to do more Mass Effect work was simple - I wanted to make one of the best fan art (which would also work as promo or poster art) to be had. Inspiration came from an outstanding Sunshine OST created by John Murphy, and Underworld, which I recommend listening to in order to feel the right vibe/atmoshphere.