sobota, 19 lutego 2011

Mass Effect - Thane Krios

Personal art of Mass Effect.
The fourth picture featuring Thane Krios

The whole image is deprived of rich colors, and is kept in a blue tint. I also included some glow and volumentric light. All this was made to emphasize Thane's personality as an assassin.

You can sense some jagged/uneven edges and little "ghosting" elements. This was done deliberately in order to give the artwork the sense of motion. An effect as if the viewer snapped a frame or paused the video and caught Thane in a position in which he is about to use his powers (just imagine him raising hand with biotics powering up).

niedziela, 6 lutego 2011

Mass Effect - Garrus

Personal art of Mass Effect.
The third picture featuring Garrus

I slighty played around with the design and changed shoulder gauntlet. Also the whole armor and sniper rifle were given more worn out (and believable) look. I enjoyed painting his armor and gun ... every single scratch of them. :) Originally the piece was supposed to be more action oriented but the concept changed and ultimately Garrus is presented in a marksman position.