środa, 30 czerwca 2010

Book cover/ game promotional art

The Idea behind those pictures was to create more of a book cover/ game promotional art which i humbly hope to do in the future

My Enemy
Classic "hero against skeleton" art that I am never tired watching.
Lot of references used here (some bodybuilder torso, exact reference for the helmet and shield that I found on the net). I experimented a lot on this one I also realize that pose is a bit bizarre, the initial sketch differed a bit from this one.

Female Sniper
I started with b&w sketch (the sniper rifle was painted over) and then played around with some round brushes, photo textures and images. I decided to let go on some background elements.

SciFi Female
Another Scifi stuff (i am lately in a mood to create those). This time i went for Ellen Ripley/ River mix. I found some pipes pictures and thought that those can work so well as a space ship corridor/walls (painting over + cloning + lasso tool + painting). Rest of it was of course painted (mostly with round brush). When i look at I already notice that her body is way too long.

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