piątek, 30 sierpnia 2013

My site is up

Hi all
My site: patrykolejniczak.com is up

I have only been able to upload a small fraction of images so far. Have no worries, I will be posting images gradually once I find a time to do so :) 
. The site itself will be more user-friendly as well in time. Also I will be much more active on twitter than blogspot, so if you are interested you can follow me there.

Thanks for stopping by.

niedziela, 18 sierpnia 2013

Classic Cyberpunk

Everything  in this piece except the hair was modeled  in Zbrush (polypainted with spotlight feature, custom skin alphas and photo textures), rendered in Keyshot,  postpro in PS. The pose is classical a Ghost in the shell style with some Blade Runner coat on the side.

New site and new arts (tons of it actually) soon at