sobota, 16 lipca 2011

Mass Effect 3 - Comic-Con

Personal art of Mass Effect.
Teaser of the art that I sent to BioWare for the Comic-Con fan art showcase

I tried to convey the scale between the Shepard and the Reaper and build a picture which would create a sensation of looking at a still image (where you could sense the motion) which could be taken straight from the cutscene/ trailer and something that would work as an advertising poster or banner print.

Few words about the inspirations:
The concept for the lighting came from the pictures of Turbine Hall in Tate Modern Art Gallery in London.  The colors scheme was “implemented” from “The Dark Knight” scenes (which were used as reference).

While you are looking at it you can listen to the song called "An Ending (Ascent)" done by the British musician Brian Eno. Just like I did when I was creating it :)). The track is a part of the record named "Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks". It was a soundtrack made for a great documentary film called "Apollo" ( later retitled to "For All Mankind"

LINK 1 and  LINK 2

The original size is 4000x2250 pixels.
This is the fan and"skills-showing" portfolio art, so no copyright infringement was intended

środa, 6 lipca 2011

Mass Effect - Zaeed Massani

Personal art of Mass Effect.
The ninth picture featuring Zaeed Massani

Originally I wanted to set him in a night club (a slaughter house) but eventually went with a dusty and sultry setting. Zaeed's armor is covered with sand/dirt and a bit of rust (a little homage to that shittty old rifle - Jessie). Even though his original design is perfect I could not resist and made a few changes in his gauntlet (nothing too drastic though). I love his voice, stories. Love him for being so damn nostalgic make my wish he was my relative - I shit you not.

No photo tracing or 3D models were used here. Only some small elements of the background  were overpainted. I also used the ME2 screenshots as references for Zaeed's face and bunch of photo textures. The armor lighting was inspired by the Iron Man render I once saw. The original size is A4 with 300dpi. This is the fan and"skills-showing" portfolio art, so no copyright infringement was intended.