środa, 30 czerwca 2010

Book cover/ game promotional art

The Idea behind those pictures was to create more of a book cover/ game promotional art which i humbly hope to do in the future

My Enemy
Classic "hero against skeleton" art that I am never tired watching.
Lot of references used here (some bodybuilder torso, exact reference for the helmet and shield that I found on the net). I experimented a lot on this one I also realize that pose is a bit bizarre, the initial sketch differed a bit from this one.

Female Sniper
I started with b&w sketch (the sniper rifle was painted over) and then played around with some round brushes, photo textures and images. I decided to let go on some background elements.

SciFi Female
Another Scifi stuff (i am lately in a mood to create those). This time i went for Ellen Ripley/ River mix. I found some pipes pictures and thought that those can work so well as a space ship corridor/walls (painting over + cloning + lasso tool + painting). Rest of it was of course painted (mostly with round brush). When i look at I already notice that her body is way too long.

wtorek, 15 czerwca 2010

New and newest stuff

My Love, My Vengeance
I thought of story behind this picture, a story about a father seeking vengeance for his daughter death.

Andromeda's Corruption
All the bravest heroes have been sent to deliver the Andromeda’s Statue from the blight. None of the returned. Legends say that it is being guarded by two giant snakes who are never repleted.

General Atilla
Well actually partially finished stuff but may be worth to upload.

wtorek, 8 czerwca 2010

poniedziałek, 7 czerwca 2010

Radioactive Jumper

Radioactive Jumper
I had a lot of fun with colors on this one. Unfrtunately it suffers from anatomy (I am still working on getting better at it) errors, for instance: left hand which seems ackwardly positioned.

First Post

The First art - space marine looking at the Earth. Didn't want to put another running thought battle, or blasting alien picture. The idea was to make it look more like a poster. The holding gun was painted-over in some places , rest of it was hand drawn. Done in CS2.

My First Post and First works to show. I will add more successively, there is lot of it :).