wtorek, 21 września 2010

Fan art is fun - Volume 5 - Avatar + New Stuff

I am almost done with the fan arts. This is one of the last. The rest uploaded stuff is geenrally practice pieces some color and face study. The two last was supposed to have a comic book style. The frist one is a mix of Hellblazer and Deckard characters. I played around with the colors and textures. The other one was a also a great fun.

sobota, 18 września 2010

Fan art is fun - Volume 4 - Uncharted 2

Fan art nr. 4 . This time I focused on Uncharted 2 main character - Nathan Drake. As previously I made this for fun and practise. Lot of photo texutres have been used to increase the level of realism in order to make it look like a promo art. I also used some references for the pose and for the Drake's characteristic look.

czwartek, 2 września 2010

To Live and Die in L.A.

I thought of a stuffy motel/hotel room scene. The red/orange pallete is result of watching to much 80's movies. I could have polished it more, but wanted to try to do it in a very limited amount of a time.