środa, 6 lipca 2011

Mass Effect - Zaeed Massani

Personal art of Mass Effect.
The ninth picture featuring Zaeed Massani

Originally I wanted to set him in a night club (a slaughter house) but eventually went with a dusty and sultry setting. Zaeed's armor is covered with sand/dirt and a bit of rust (a little homage to that shittty old rifle - Jessie). Even though his original design is perfect I could not resist and made a few changes in his gauntlet (nothing too drastic though). I love his voice, stories. Love him for being so damn nostalgic make my wish he was my relative - I shit you not.

No photo tracing or 3D models were used here. Only some small elements of the background  were overpainted. I also used the ME2 screenshots as references for Zaeed's face and bunch of photo textures. The armor lighting was inspired by the Iron Man render I once saw. The original size is A4 with 300dpi. This is the fan and"skills-showing" portfolio art, so no copyright infringement was intended.

5 komentarzy:

  1. Wow, awesome! Two things though:
    1.- You manage to capture his badassery, which we already know it's impossible, :D
    2.- He looks more human than in the game!

  2. Great job once again. Love them all. I am eagerly anticipating Legion.

  3. Zaeed is a great character. Hope he will have more space in ME3

  4. This is AWSOME! I love your work, it's just perfect.
    Thanks for making me grab pen and paper again. ;)