niedziela, 6 lutego 2011

Mass Effect - Garrus

Personal art of Mass Effect.
The third picture featuring Garrus

I slighty played around with the design and changed shoulder gauntlet. Also the whole armor and sniper rifle were given more worn out (and believable) look. I enjoyed painting his armor and gun ... every single scratch of them. :) Originally the piece was supposed to be more action oriented but the concept changed and ultimately Garrus is presented in a marksman position.

4 komentarze:

  1. Such awesome skills, greetings from Czech Republic

  2. Zawsze zazdrościłam innym talentu rysowniczego. Świetna rzecz no i Garrus... Sama nie wiem czy wolę tę pracę czy tę z Thanem. :)

    Czapki z głów!

  3. I've made a wallpaper of all these great pieces of art! I hope you dont mind Patryk!

  4. Again, amazing. You captured Garrus as he is in the second game, a rebel or even renegade vigilante, outside the law but fighting the good fight as best he can.